AAS: Computer Graphics & Design

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Computer Graphics & Design

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION:  North Country's Computer Graphics & Design program emphasizes a thorough rounding in traditional art skills at the same time that you'll master modern techniques.

You'll learn basic concepts of graphic design while using the same hardware and software favored by professionals, mastering vector and raster-based drawing programs. This hands-on experience helps develop skills essential to producing multimedia, print and web-based designs.

At the same time, though, you’ll also build hand-art expertise with courses in drawing and design, and gain a deeper appreciation for the classics with studies in art history - ensuring that your aesthetic grounding is as developed as your technical skills.

Our students have participated in internships with Pixar and have transferred with full scholarships to four year institutions such as The School of Visual Arts in New York City.

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Associate in Applied Science: Computer Graphics & Design

Certificate:  Computer Graphics & Design

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CAREER POSSIBILITIES:  Art director, Digital illustrator, Freelance designer, Graphic artist, Industrial design, Print production, Web developer.

Some career paths require additional education or training.


Transfer for a bachelor’s degree or go to work in the design industry.