AS: Business Administration

AS Business Administratiuon Degree Cover ArtPROGRAM DESCRIPTION:  This degree is intended primarily as a transfer program leading to the Bachelor's degree.  The program requires a distribution of courses representing the freshman and sophomore years of a four-year Bachelor's program.  By appropriate course selection with input from transfer institutions, transfer counselors and academic advisors, students may prepare for transfer to upper division study in business administration, accounting, management, marketing and related fields.

MISSION STATEMENT: The AS Business Administration program articulates with the College’s mission of providing an exceptional learning experience by challenge and supporting students in their pursuit of academic and personal development. The AS Business Administration’s mission is to prepare students for transfer to AACSB accredited business schools to complete a baccalaureate degree in business administration and/or related fields. To this end, the program focuses on the academic foundations, core competencies/skills, and applied learning opportunities within business by providing a background in math, science, English, business administration and that are hallmarks of this profession. 

For individuals interested in completing their AS Business Administration degree sooner rather than later, we offer an accelerated schedule of courses. Instead of each course lasting 15 weeks (the traditional length of a college semester) we offer a sequence of courses that are 100% online and last for seven and a half weeks. This accelerated schedule allows a person to earn an AS in Business Administration degree in 20 months rather than the traditional 24 plus months.

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Program Worksheets:

Associate of Science 

Business Administration

General Education Courses

Learning Outcomes   


CAREER POSSIBILITIES:  Accounting, Customer service, Entrepreneur, Human resources, Hospitality, Insurance, Retail, Marketing, Real estate. Some career paths require additional education or training. APPLY NOW!
WHAT'S NEXT:  Enter the public & private sectors or transfer to a bachelor’s degree-granting institution.