Career Services

North Country Community College encourages our students to plan for their futures in many ways including career readiness. We invite you to meet with us to assess your professional interests, skills and values; research information about career paths; and prepare to for the job search process. Individual career counseling and access to variety of resources including an electronic library will enable you to realize the variety of professions available in your major and assist you in your decision making process. Interest inventories and other career exploration resources are also available upon request.

Contact us today by visiting our offices, email, or calling:

  • Jane Carpenter, Career Services Coordinator (all campuses) – 518-891-2915 ext. 1268
    • Individual career counseling
    • Interest inventories and career exploration resources
    • Regional employment opportunities - seasonal, part-time and full-time
  • Bruce Kelly, Coordinator of Campus and Student Life/Malone – 518-891-2915 ext. 3226
    • Mock interviewing
    • Resume and cover letter critiques
  • Kim Irland, Dean of Student Life (all campuses) – 518-891-2915 ext. 1205
    • Mock interviewing
    • Resume and cover letter critiques


Employment Development Resources