Employment Forms


Payroll Schedules

Faculty for 2019-2020
Full-time Support Staff for 2019-2020
Part-time for 2019-2020
Student for 2019-2020


Each department is responsible for obtaining records of actual time worked for classified staff and for obtaining records of days off for classified and non-classified staff. These records must be used by the department to determine overtime pay for classified staff and to verify labor costs, sick leave, personal days, bereavement days, floating holidays and vacation allowances for both classified and non-classified staff. All time and attendance records must be submitted to Human Resources by established deadlines for record keeping purposes.

Full-time Support Staff for 2019-2020 print on green-colored paper
Sample Completed Non-Maintenance Support Staff Timesheet 
Sample Completed Maintenance Support Staff Timesheet

Part-time for 2019-2020 – print on goldenrod-colored paper
Sample Completed Part-Time Timesheet

Facilities and Grounds Part-Time for 2019-2020 print on goldenrod-colored paper
Sample Completed Facilities and Grounds Part-Time Timesheet

Student for 2019-2020  print on pink-colored paper


Additional Forms/Information

Quick Packet: Part-time Faculty/Staff New Hire
Student Employment Guide
Federal Withholding Allowance Certificate (W-4)
NYS Withholding Allowance Certificate (IT-2104)
Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9)
Direct Deposit
Change of Address/Phone Number