Frequently Asked Questions

When North Country Community College begins its Fall 2020 semester on Aug. 31, our classes will take place in a mostly online setting, with a few exceptions. We believe a mostly online delivery offers the best opportunity to put safety of our students and employees first, protect our core areas of academic excellence, and sustain programming through academic and operational synergies. Doing so, then allows for us to fulfill our mission, and continue to serve our regional workforce needs. We also know that our twenty plus years of online instruction and the creativity of our faculty and staff in engagement and support of our students, even in a remote setting, will continue to serve our students well. We have no doubt that they will find a top-notch learning experience and supportive community here at North Country even though they may not be physically with us.

However, there are classes where program/course-level learning outcomes are best supported by face-to-face instruction and will be permitted to run via an in-person format. These include select nursing, radiologic technology and massage therapy classes. 

Some courses will have live meetings via Blackboard or Zoom. Other courses will be fully online, with no regularly scheduled live sessions. See our Fall Schedule for more information.

When on campus, all students, faculty and staff will be required to wear face masks whenever physical distancing protocols cannot be followed and in cases where they are sharing space with others (e.g. classrooms, labs, office space).

The college has secured and will distribute appropriate and reusable cloth face masks for all employees and students. Disposable masks will also be made available.

The residence halls located on the Saranac Lake campus, operated by the NCCC Association, will be shuttered for the fall semester. Students could return to the residence halls in the spring, depending on the status of the pandemic.

All athletic competition will be suspended for the fall semester. Decisions about winter and spring athletic programs will be made in the future based on the latest health and safety guidelines available.

Dining services will not be offered on any of the college’s campuses for Fall 2020.

Prior to returning to campus, employees who are working remotely will be asked to participate in a minimum seven (7) day isolation period to ensure they are asymptomatic and safe to return. Upon return, all employees will be required to complete a daily health screening using an app-based program. 

All courses will be delivered online for the first two weeks of the semester. During that time, students who will returning to campus for face-to-face instruction/support will be asked to simultaneously participate in a minimum fourteen (14) day isolation period during those first two weeks of classes to ensure they are asymptomatic and safe to return. Any students who will be on campus will be asked to complete a health screening using an app-based program, make an appointment for any activities other than classes, wear a mask, and maintain appropriate social distancing.

Yes, social distancing guidelines will be followed in settings where there will be in-person instruction. 

Student Life activities will mostly be delivered remotely.

Our Learning Assistance Centers will supplement online tutoring and study groups with limited face-to-face tutoring by appointment.

Our libraries will supplement the online catalog with limited face-to-face access of the library by appointment. There will be limited hours of operation, computer lab stations and other personal study stations will be separated by 6 feet, congregate study rooms/locations will be reconfigured to reduce the number of individuals able to use them at any given time and social distancing markers will be located at strategic points (i.e. check-out).

Our computer labs will be available in a limited fashion for student use by appointment. Stations will be separated by 6 feet and a limit on the number of users will be established.

We expect that some individuals among our college community (employees and students) may be reluctant to return to campus either to study or work. For some, the limitations may be related to anxiety surrounding the unknown, particularly without a vaccine, for others, they or their family members may have health concerns, including being immunocompromised or having respiratory illnesses, that would place them at great risk.

For students, many of those concerns can be put on hold through on-line/remote learning. For our employees, we will work with those who are vulnerable/immunocompromised to maintain/find remote working arrangements. 

After consulting with our public health colleagues, we opted to not test students or employees during the semester. We lack both the human resources and financial resources to do so.

We will, however, ask employees and staff to continually engage in self-survey, passive screening self-monitoring of symptoms. If a fever and/or respiratory symptoms are present, students, faculty and staff are to:

  • Remotely report this information to the Student Life Office and their instructors (students) and to their direct supervisor and the Human Resources Office (faculty and staff).
  • Remain off-campus.
  • Call their primary care provider for medical guidance.

In the event that there is a suspected case of COVID-19, we will encourage the affected individual to contact their health care provider and follow their recommendations regarding testing.

In the event of a confirmed positive test, a period up to 14 days of isolation/quarantine will be imposed and permission to return will require a provider’s note indicating that the individual is no longer at risk or contagious.

All employees and students who test positive will be asked to provide that information to the College so we can take appropriate measures related to cleaning, disinfecting and keeping our community safe and healthy. For employees, those will be reported to our Human Resources Office, for students, to the Student Life Office.