Checklists for Moving to Online Instruction

First Steps for Continuing Instruction Remotely/Online

(Inspired by CUNY Graduate Center and various SUNY schools)

  • Consider all of your communication and document storage options for continuing remote instruction. At NCCC, these might include:
    • Office 365 for email, One Drive, Sharepoint and Teams
    • Blackboard
    • Dropbox
  • Save your course teaching materials to Blackboard, One Drive, or some other account (Google drive) where you can access them outside the office.
  • Log-in to Blackboard where you will find the Blackboard Information Resources page (BIRo for short) for information on how to use Blackboard.
  • Communicate with your students, so they know the best way to reach you (email, voice mail, personal phone, etc.)
  • Ask students in your courses how well they are set up to be onilne learners. We have asked them to do so as well, but you will want to know who may have difficulties as soon as possible. Refer students to the email for technology needs or help with accessing internet services.
  • Consider all of your technology options including your personal devices. Are you able to use a personal desktop, laptop and/or mobile device such as a phone or iPad to access NCCC systems remotely?
  • Consider forwarding your office phone calls to your home phone or personal cell phone or familiarize yourself with checking your phone messages from a remote line.