Online Learning Information for Students

A note from Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs, Sarah Maroun

August 30, 2021

Welcome to the Fall 2021 semester at NCCC! 

Dear Students:

As we enter the Fall 2021 semester, we welcome students to a few different learning spaces.  Some of you will attend classes on campus, some of you are fully online, and some of you are learning online and in face-to-face classes.  Regardless of how and where you are learning, we wish you a successful semester! For those of you attending on-campus classes or accessing any of the campuses, please see the Fall 2021 Plan page on our website for information on the SUNY COVID-19 VACCINE MANDATE and on-campus protocols. 


Some keys to success: 1) communicate with instructors regularly and ask questions as they arise, 2) keep up with assignments and prepare for exams, and 3) seek out help when needed (we offer tutoring for all subjects).  For those of you in online classes, online learning is not the same as learning at your own pace.  Courses will have established due dates-- submitting assignments and exams on time is crucial to your success.  

I have a few requests from you as students:   

  • Be sure to view our Virtual Student Orientation.  
  • Have patience with yourself, fellow students, and our faculty and staff.   
  • Have confidence in your ability to learn new information in new ways and your ability to work through obstacles.  
  • Check your school email and Blackboard regularly. College courses move quickly and are structured in a way that new knowledge builds upon previously taught information. Skipping or missing classes and content may limit your ability to learn important concepts. (Quick links to Blackboard, email, and student portal are at the bottom of the NCCC Website).  Course shells are now open! 
  • Communicate regularly with faculty as issues, questions, and concerns arise.   
  • Check out our Fall 2021 Plan page on our website.  


At a minimum, you will need the following to be successful:   

  • Internet Access   
  • Computer or Tablet (If you do not have a laptop, visit our Laptop Loaner Program page).  
  • Working NCCC email and Access to Blackboard    
  • Adequate Time, Good Health, and Self-Discipline to Complete Tasks (As a rule of thumb, each three-credit class requires nine hours of work per week.) 

We are committed to helping you succeed in your coursework this semester.  Below is contact information if you have questions on the following:    

 Wishing you success this semester!   Stay safe and healthy!


Sarah Maroun, Interim Vice President For Academic Affairs  |  518-891-2915 Ext. 1202  |