Spring 2021 Student Attestation

NCCC LogoOn behalf of all of us, we are looking forward to the return of you, our students, for the Spring 2021 semester. As part of our efforts to help keep our campus community safe from COVID-19, we are requiring that all North Country Community College students returning to campus for the spring semester complete this form prior to their return to campus. This attestation may be completed up to seven (7) days prior to the planned date of return. Students who answer “No” to any question will be contacted and should not return to campus until approved to do so by Tara Smith, the college’s Campus Safety Monitor.

As part of our effort to ensure the safety of the college community, students, faculty and staff who have become ill, are exposed or travel to out-of-state to areas where mandatory quarantines apply will be subject to a mandatory period of isolation/quarantine per New York State and county public health requirements. Please refer to our Spring 2021 Re-Opening and Academic Continuity Plan for details.
Have you completed, or are you in the process of completing the mandatory 14-day self-monitoring questionnaire for travel, exposure and symptoms?
As a reminder, students must complete a mandatory seven (7) day precautionary quarantine prior to returning to campus for the spring semester. Refer to our Spring 2021 Re-Opening and Academic Continuity Plan for more information.
Have you completed, or are you in the process of completing, the mandatory 7-day quarantine?
As part of our committment to maintain the health and safety of the college community, students planning to be on campus are required to be tested for COVID-19 through a PCR Test. Students will have the option to participate in pooled saliva surveillance testing through the college or complete PCR testing through a provider. For complete details, refer to our Spring 2021 Re-Opening and Academic Continuity Plan.

*Exemptions to the testing requirement may be granted for outside diagnostic PCR or antigen tests or for those who have tested positive within the previous 90 days. To request an exemption please upload any supporting documentation below or email to tarasmith@nccc.edu.
Have you participated, or do you plan to participate, in the college's pooled testing program the week prior to your return to campus?
Returning to Campus
Upon your return to campus, there are a couple of other steps that students will need to participate in.
  1. The Daily Health Screening form is to be completed the day you come to campus, prior to your arrival.
  2. Students who will be on campus are required to participate in pooled saliva testing weekly. This will begin the week of Feb. 8, 2021.
  3. Six-foot distancing is required at all times, except when safety of the nature of the task requires a closer distance.
  4. Face coverings must be worn at all times on campus, even with the six-foot distancing. Face coverings may be removed when eating or drinking, if six-foot distancing is maintained.
The safety of our community is a shared responsibility, and your actions can put yourself and others at risk. Be aware that failure to comply with these expectations may result in a referral to the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs for violation of the Student Code of Conduct, which governs individual and group behavior on and off campus. Sanctions for violating the attestation may be found here.

Further information on the COVID Sanctioning policy is available here.

We recognize that some students with disabilities, in order to live and learn safely, may need to modify some aspects of this attestation form. Students who believe they might not be able to adhere to these protocols for disability-related reasons should contact Tara Smith, Campus Safety Monitor, to request a reasonable accommodation/modification.
Agreement and Attestation