Student Wellness

It’s easy to put off taking care of ourselves while we are busy getting ready for an emergency, responding to a crisis, or when we are feeling overwhelmed. Self-Care is key. It may feel like “just one more thing” to do, but taking a walk, practicing yoga (and if you have limited mobility, there are sites for yoga for you too) or other stress reductions techniques such as mindfulness or taking a few moments to read something uplifting, can shift our mood and help us get a different perspective in trying times.

There is evidence that managing our stress in healthy ways can strengthen our immune system. While many of us may chafe from too much routine, having our day-to-day habits disrupted or even erased for a significant period of time can itself be a source of anxiety.  Start today to create new routines that support your well-being.

You might start your day with a walk (outdoors and staying at least six feet away from anyone else), or with 10 minutes or more of mindfulness.  As your day progresses, think about where you can build-in healthy breaks, using some of the techniques, above. And in the evening, while watching a movie may be fun, you might also choose to play a musical instrument, study different types of music you listen to, start a journal or other writing project, and of course, talk to friends and family on the phone or video platform. 


Within our new NCCC Blackboard Wellness Community you can find tools to help you.  

  • Wellness Challenge with Motivational Incentives & Prizes
  • Calorie Calculator
  • Videos on yoga and stress reduction
  • Resources specific to COVID-19 self-care