Maximizing Tutoring Help

Getting the Most out of a Tutoring Session

We are so glad that you have decided to meet with a tutor! Your time is precious, so we want to
make sure you are getting the most out of a tutoring session. Before your tutoring appointment,
be sure to take the following steps.

Attend class and faculty office hours
 A tutor is a form of academic support that should not take the place of attending class or
meeting with an instructor.
 If you miss class, get the notes from a fellow student, and talk to your instructor. See
your instructor to talk about missed assignments or tests.

Know your Assignment
 Try the assignment on your own before seeing a tutor.
 If you do not understand the assignment, contact your instructor. Only your instructor
can clarify any confusion that you may have.
 A tutor will not complete your assignment, take-home test or project for you.

Prepare for the Tutoring Session
 Read all required chapters, articles, Blackboard posts, etc. important to the assignment
before you meet with a tutor.
 Review your class notes and complete written assignments before your session.
 Write down questions that you have for your tutor; make a list of terms, ideas, concepts
and material you do not understand.

Think Ahead
 Seek help early and attend regular tutoring sessions. Don’t wait until you are in
academic jeopardy! Panic is not productive or healthy.

Remember, a tutor is not an instructor and cannot teach the course to you or “catch you up” on
assignments that you have missed. You are responsible for keeping up with your work and for
communicating with your instructor. The tutor will help you understand concepts that you are
struggling with and will often give you tips on how to take better notes, study more efficiently
and organize your time.

Please be patient and courteous with your tutor. Their time is precious,
so always let them know if you are unable to make it to a scheduled appointment.