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Name: Department:
LeMay-Klippel, Selina Academic Affairs
Muncil, Laurie Academic Affairs
Chapman, Meredith Admissions
Stewart, Michelle Admissions
Zurschmit, Rachel Admissions
Tuthill, Amy Admissions/Recruitment for Adult Learners
Rathbun, Jr., Robert Association Executive Director / Food Service Manager
Dumont, Jerrad Athletics
Egglefield, Kent Athletics
LaDue, Chad Athletics Director
Gonyo, Kim Bookstore Manager - Malone
Merritt, Candy Bookstore -- Textbook Coordinator
Quinn, McCayla Bursar
Collier, Barb Business Office
Pickard, Rachel Business Office
Knight, Chris Communications Director
Pelkey, Brian Comptroller
Irland, Kim
Dean of Student Affairs, Diversity Officer
Barden, Brian Facilities
Bisonette, Kevin Facilities (Malone)
Heath, Rick Facilities
Simpson, Tuk Facilities (Ticonderoga)
LaMour, Tina Faculty - Art
Taylor-Wilde, Elaine Faculty - Art
Carpenter, Jane Faculty - Business
Duffey, Kim Faculty - Business
Howe, David Faculty - Business
Robin McGrath Faculty - Business
Merrick, David Faculty - Criminal Justice
Saulpaugh, Michael Faculty - Criminal Justice
Dowd, Kathleen Faculty - Human Services
Poirier, Renee Faculty - Human Services
Dorr, Summer Faculty - Humanities
Filler, Shir Faculty - Humanities
Mascia-Susice, Stacey Faculty - Humanities
Rowe, Bruce Faculty - Humanities
Barrett, Jennifer Faculty - Massage Therapy Program Director
Kilby, Sarah Faculty - Math
Painter, Marcus Faculty - Math
Susice, Lee Faculty - Math
Warner, Allison Faculty - Math
Bennett, Lori Faculty - Nursing
Davenport, Courtnee Faculty - Nursing
LaVallie, Kara Faculty - Nursing
Streiff, Erin Faculty - Nursing
Updegraft, Sarah Faculty - Nursing
Wilbur, Stfanie Faculty - Nursing
Hare, Tana Faculty - Nursing Program Director
Stringer, Scott Faculty - Rad Tech
LaDue, Becky Faculty - Rad Tech Program Director
Fredenburg, Melinda Faculty - Science
Martin, Rich Faculty - Science
Shoemaker, Sarah Faculty - Science
Small, Judy Faculty - Science
Steinberg, Judy Faculty - Science
Strough, Jamie Faculty - Science
Whitelaw, Donna Faculty - Science
Callaghan, Thomas Faculty - Second Chance Pell (Business)
Rodriguez, Kelli Faculty - Social Science
Sheridan, Cammy Faculty - Social Science
Cunningham, Jimmy Faculty - Wilderness Rec Program Director
Finch, Teresa Financial Aid
Chamberlain, Mary Ellen Financial Aid Director
Walkow, Erin Foundation and Development Director
Symonds, Lisa Association
Moody, Ericka Human Resources Associate
Smith, Tara Human Resources Director
Harvey, Erik Interim CFO
McGrath, Thomas Learning Assistance Center
Wells, Kate Learning Assistance Center
Williams, Lisa Learning Assistance Center
Boyea, Jason Library
Jock, Jerry Library
O'Connor, Brian Library Director
Hurwitch, Stacie President's Office
Keegan, Joe President's Office
Hudak, Luke P-Tech / Bridge Program
St Louis, Shelly Registrar
Martin, Jessica Registrar's Office
Willett, Maggie Registrar's Office
Meehan, Kaleen Registrar's Office
Mahar, Kailey Second Chance Pell
Snyder, Dan Second Chance Pell
Brice, Angela Student Life
Goodrow, Kathy Student Life
Kelly, Bruce Student Life (Malone)
Burke, Portia Ticonderoga Campus
Johnston, Kyle 
Vice President of Marketing & Enrollment
Maroun, Sarah VP Academic Affairs
Paulson, Don Web Content Assistant