North Country Navigator

Welcome to North Country Navigator!

This quick online resource outlines the steps needed to get you accepted, registered and ready for the first day of classes.  These steps have been designed to help you make quick work of the tasks ahead!  

Getting accepted to North Country is as easy as 1-2-3:

  • Step one: Apply to the college at if you haven’t already.
  • Step two: Submit your high school/GED and all college transcripts to
  • Step three: Confirm your acceptance at once you’ve received your acceptance email.
Here are the first very important steps you should take to get your financial aid in order:

Generally speaking, this is the process you’ll walk through to get registered for classes:

  • Step one: Preparation: If you’re still working to figure out what academic program is best for you please visit for a good overview of all programs that the college offers.  If you’re all set with your program take the next step and check out the upcoming semester’s course offerings at  To be fully prepared for your advising appointment please complete the Pre-Advising Checklist and acquaint yourself with our flexible course delivery options.
  • Step two: Advising: Soon after confirmation, you’ll be introduced to an advisor who will work 1-on-1 with you to create a course schedule that fits your academic goals.  Make sure to let your advisor know your outside commitments such as work, family and other obligations.
  • Step three: Registration: Finally, you will work with your advisor to register for your upcoming semester classes.  Your advisor will be your main point-of-contact for any schedule changes that are needed.

Online Orientation: By logging into the D2L/Brightspace learning management system, you'll have the ability to travel through both of our online orientations.  The “NOR Student Orientation” is a D2L/Brightspace specific orientation that will guide you through everything you need to know to navigate the system.  The “North Country Community College Student Orientation” is our virtual orientation that serves as an introduction to all services and supports available to you at the college.

Additional Support Services:  Supporting our students is a top priority.  Find more information regarding Career & Transfer Services, counseling partnerships, crisis support, Student Code of Conduct and tobacco treatment & cessation services and emergency funding for students with unmet basic needs at



Technology is an important part of your overall success at our college so we need to make sure that you are setup properly.  Now is the best time to work with our Information Technology (IT) Helpdesk to make sure you’re set for the first day of class.

  • IT Onboarding Checklist: You’ll be walking through your IT Onboarding Checklist with your designated Enrollment Counselor.  You will verify access to all of your student accounts which includes D2L Brightspace, Library, Student Portal and Webmail accounts.  We’ll also verify that you have adequate devices and reliable internet connections setup to access and complete your coursework.
  • IT Help Desk: Technicians are available to help with D2L/Brightspace, Outlook Email, Microsoft 365, the Student Portal, college-issued computers and other technology by emailing or calling 518-891-2915


You’re starting to see the finish line!  Take these last few steps to acquaint yourself with the North Country Bookstore and get your bill paid to hold onto your courses.

  • North Country Bookstore: Visit for all of your book, class supplies and North Country clothing needs. For book ordering you’ll need your class schedule handy for use in the “Textbook Look-up" tool.  Simply lookup your class by selecting your term, department, three-digit course number and one letter section identifier from your class schedule.  Once you’ve added all items to your cart you’ll be able to checkout and choose your desired delivery or pickup method.
  • Paying Your Bill: The student portal is your one-stop-shop for all eServices at North Country. To view and pay your bill login to the student portal at by using the credentials that were provided. Payments are also accepted directly through the Business Office and all bills are due before the first date of class.  You will also need to complete the Billing Disclosure and Authorization (BDA) form which can also be found in the portal.  Finally, to take advantage of North Country's in-state tuition rates, New York State residents will need to submit a Certificate of Residency form which establishes their county residency.  These forms can also be found within the portal and many are county-specific.