Campus Safety

North Country Community College is committed to maintaining a safe and educational environment for members of the college community and guests who visit our locations. Please alert the Administrator-on-Call in the event you witness or hear anything of concern or dial 9-1-1 for emergencies. It's on everyone in our community to communicate safety concerns. 

Administrator-on-Call: 518-354-0023

An INCIDENT REPORT should be completed whenever an incident occurs on campus, at the residence halls, student clinical settings, or college sponsored events on or off campus. Examples include but are not limited to assault, bias, disruptive behavior, injury, theft, or vehicle/property damage.

Individuals are encouraged to file a report of any violence that occurs whether on or off campus.  Those reporting acts of sexual violence can report anonymously but are encouraged to share as much information as possible in order for the College to thoroughly investigate claims and provide the best possible support.

Reports of concerning behavior or students suspected of being a threat to themselves or others should be reported immediate to the Dean of Student Life. The Behavioral Intervention Teams on each campus will coordinate care and outreach to support students struggling with addiction, mental health, and suicide ideation.

Critical information will be posted throughout campus, and electronically via the college web site and portal. Mass notification will also take place via your College email account. It is important to access your Student Portal and student email on a regular basis to ensure receipt of up to date information impacting the campus community. 

Additionally, the College Safety Committee is charged annually with several tasks related to improving campus safety. Contact Safety Committee Chair, Bruce Kelly, to join the committee or express a suggestion.