Academic Standing

President's and Vice President's Honor List

Matriculated students having completed 12 or more credits per semester in courses grade on the A-F system, numbered 100 or above, and with a semester grade point average of 3.50 or better, will be named to the President's List. Students must have no "IN" (Incomplete) grade(s) for that semester. Courses using the "S", "P" or "U" system may not be among the 12 hours. Similarly, a students whose grade point average is between 3.25 and 3.49 will be included on the Vice President's List. In either instance, this fact becomes a part of the student's permanent record and will be published.

Statement of Good Academic Standing

The College has established an Academic Standing Policy for the retention of matriculated students and to ensure appropriate progress toward earning a degree. A North Country Community College student, earning a grade point average (GPA) between 2.00 to 4.00, is in good academic standing and is making satisfactory progress toward a degree. In order to graduate from NCCC, a student must meet specific course and degree requirements, a achieve a minimum cumulative 2.00 GPA.

Academic Suspension

A student that is suspended will no be allowed to enroll in college for the next available semester. A student who wishes to return as a matriculated student must reapply for admission. Normally any student who is suspended twice within a five-year period, will not be eligible to return to the College. State regulations mandate that the option to matriculate suspended students be taken away for financial aid reasons. Appeals cannot be accepted.

The two options open to suspended students are:

1) With the permission of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, enroll as a non-regular student less than full-time (no financial aid is available)

2) Skip one semester and reapply for admission at a later date.