Hodson Hall Parking Lot

All students and staff are required to register their vehicles with the College, post parking decals in the designated location, and comply with designated parking requirements. 

You may register up to three vehicles on the Vehicle Registration Form.  

Designated Parking Zones apply to weekdays during the academic calendar year from 7:30am - 4:00pm. For students and employees, parking is permitted only in areas marked as parking spaces and zoned appropriately for the vehicle registered. Vehicles parked on campus without registration or in an unauthorized area may be ticketed. Student parking is NOT permitted in lots designated for employees. 

Registration required! No decal needed. Designated parking applies to weekdays during the academic calendar from 7:30am - 4:00pm. Commuter parking is permitted only in areas marked as parking spaces and zoned for Commuter Student Parking.
Students who live on campus are required to park their vehicles at the Residence Halls or in designated "Open Parking" on weekdays between the hours of 7:30am and 4:00pm. Questions about permissible parking zones may be directed to the Residence Life Office or NCCC Association. Current permissible Open Parking zones for residential students are located in the Clermont Hall and Sparks Athletic Complex parking lots.
Students, staff and visitors accessing handicapped parking must have the required disabled placard or license plate. For additional information contact the Office of the ADA 504 Coordinator. Necessary vehicle information will be recorded and a special parking permit may be issued for a specified period of time. A physician's certification is necessary to verify eligibility for handicapped parking. The physician's certification should clearly state the nature of the disability and specify the anticipated length of disability.
Visitors are welcome to park in any location. In advance or when you arrive, request a temporary parking permit from a college representative. Temporary permits will only be valid for the date and vehicle for which it is originally issued.