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Join our 2+2=YOU Program, graduate with a four-year degree and spend less on your education. How?

The Details:

The 2+2= YOU partnership allows all past and future North Country Community College graduates who enroll full-time at Paul Smith’s College to pay state-level tuition rates, providing you with an affordable option to earn both an associate’s and bachelor’s degree while remaining in the Adirondacks.

What does this mean for you?

You’ll pay no more than $7,500 per year in tuition for your two years at NCCC, and no more than $9,000 per year in tuition for a minimum of two years at Paul Smith’s.  This is achieved under the new Tuition Scholarship Program between the public North Country Community College and the private Paul Smith’s College when a graduate enrolls in a full-time bachelor’s degree program.

For comparison, a typical PSC student would pay $29,000+ in tuition before scholarships and financial aid.

Which degree programs participate?

There are over 20 pathways for you to choose from once you enroll at PSC. For example, graduates of North Country’s Wilderness Recreation Leadership program can pursue a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Parks & Conservation Management or Recreation, Adventure Education, and Leisure Management at Paul Smith’s. NCCC’s Environmental Science program tracks to the Fisheries & Wildlife Sciences, Ecological Restoration, Environmental Science or Environmental Studies at Paul Smith’s. Sports and Events Management program graduates at North Country could transfer to Paul Smith’s College to study Hotel, Resort and Tourism Management. In addition, NCCC graduates with Business Administration degrees can move into the Management program at Paul Smith’s College.

For a complete list of Paul Smith’s College programs, call PSC’s Admission Office at (888) 873-6570 or email admissions@paulsmiths.edu.

To learn more about 2+2=YOU, begin the enrollment process, or simply discover more about what it’s like attending college in the Adirondacks, call us at 888-TRY-NCCC, or, e-mail us at:atuthill@nccc.edu