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tribal.admin.bldgCourses in the Tribal Administration Building for Spring 2024:

CIS 130 Productivity Computing (3 Credits)

CIS130HSMT2 Productivity Computing

  W -- 4:30 p.m. to 5:50 p.m. -- Duffey, Kimberly 

  3/13/24 to 5/09/24

ENG 105 Public Speaking (3 Credits)

Description: Helps students make a clear, effective speech and evaluate speeches presented by others. Students will be acquainted with the minimum theory necessary for speechmaking and will be offered practice in delivering a number of speeches, each of which will accomplish a specific goal.

ENG105HSRMT  Public Speaking

  M -- 4 p.m. to 5:20 p.m. --  Saulpaugh, Michael

  1/22/24 to 5/09/24


SOC 101 Introductory Sociology (3 Credits)

Description: The systematic study of society, social institutions, and social behavior. Basic sociological concepts pertaining to cultural heritage, social stratification, social class and mobility, gender issues and ageism, and social change are explored. Sociological theory and research methods are applied to common sociological institutions such as the family, religion, education, and law.

SOC101HSRMT Introductory Sociology

  M -- 5:30 p.m. to 6:50 p.m. -- TBD

  1/22/24 to 5/09/24

More North Country courses for Spring 2024 

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