Bridge Program -- Student Fees and Billing

North Country Community College offers the BRIDGE courses to high school juniors and seniors with a scholarship. A college course on campus will cost students around $900, but the partnership between NCCC and your high school has allowed us to offer this scholarship.  Since the fee is already adjusted with this scholarship, NCCC does not waive the fee.

  • NCCC Business Office bills the students $75 per course for all BRIDGE courses. After the first billing, a contract firm will follow up on any unpaid balances.
  • Students commit to paying for the course by signing the Course Selection Form. Under NYS Education Law, students 14 and older can sign on their own behalf without a parental signature.
  • Each student will receive a green statement at the home address. This form lists each course for which the student has registered.
  • Each student is responsible for the payment unless he/she contacts the counselor to drop the course prior to the semester deadline (see Important Dates.) Unpaid balances create account holds, which means students who wish to enroll at NCCC or to receive a transcript to bring the credits to another college will not be able to do so until NCCC receives full payment.
  • Proof of course completion: The student must request a transcript from the Records Office:  However, the transcript will not be released until the full payment is received.
  • Students and parents are urged to review withdrawal process to understand when withdrawal will result in no fee to students and when the fee will continue to be incurred.