Alumni Stories

Lori Tarbell

Name: Lori Tarbell

Hometown: Akwesasne, New York

Degree and Year Graduated: Chemical Dependency Counseling, 2014

Current Position: Partridge House Inpatient Coordinator

"My experience at NCCC was awesome. I liked the class sizes and the professors' ability to engage more with the students. The instructors were knowledgeable on the class topics and brought personal experience into the classroom. Most of the professors had previous work experience in the North Country which was beneficial for the students inquiring about local employment after graduation."


Jasmine Peterson

Name: Jasmine Peterson

Hometown: Malone

Degree and Year Graduated: Human Services, 2020

"What brought me to North Country was the availability that it offers, the locations, the size, and much more! NCCC is welcome to any and all students eager to advance their education, and is willing to help in any way they can to ensure of that. The Malone campus was perfect for me in terms of staying close to home, and not having to worry about travel or staying in a dorm. Also, the size of the Malone campus decreased my anxiety about attending college for the first time.  The college offers a very welcoming, comfortable experience that I think everyone could enjoy whether it's their first time or they are returning. NCCC changed my perspective on colleges, and I would pick it over a big university anytime."


Victoria Roman

Name: Victoria Roman

Hometown: Oswego

Degree and Year Graduated: Chemical Dependency Counseling, 2020, with honors, Phi Theta Kappa

"NCCC has been a college that genuinely wants to help people like myself who are transitioning back into college learning. The staff and teachers have been a great help and always wanting to help out any way they can. NCCC wants you to succeed. The LAC has been my most significant help. The LAC not only has a place to use computers, but they also have tons of staff and tutors that are willing to help you academically and personally. The LAC has sincerely cared about me and given me a quiet, safe place to study. It has been a long two-year road, but now as I graduate, I can honestly say that the college's staff and professors all want everyone to succeed and are willing to help in any way they can."


Julie Derouchie

Name: Julie Derouchie

Hometown: Malone

Degree and Year Graduated: Human Services (2018) and Chemical Dependency Counseling (2019)

"I was actually terrified when I began my college experience. The instructors/advisors -- Kathleen Dowd Maloney, Renee Poirer, Kellie Rodriguez and Kate Wells -- were my biggest cheerleaders. They guided me and assured me that what I was doing was the right thing. The classes were amazing, I couldn't get enough of the Psychology and Sociology classes. I am a bit obsessive with my writing and they encouraged me to continue my passion. It was my final semester for Human Services when Joe Keegan substituted for Kathleen. We talked about me coming back for an additional year to obtain my second degree, and so I did.  The instructors were always available to me when I had questions or wanted to continue a discussion that we had in class. Even thought I was 48 years old when I began my college education and 51 when I graduated with my second degree, I felt such an accomplishment and my instructors all told me how proud they were of me. No matter how old you are, being told that someone is proud of you is wonderful! In 2019, both of my daughters Brooke Derouchie and Olivia Derouchie graduated with me.  It was an amazing day!"


Paul Jano

Name: Paul S. Jano III

Hometown: Burlington, Vt.

Degree and Year Graduated: Chemical Dependency Counseling, 2020

"My first day on campus, I did not know what to expect being this 55-year-old man walking into college with a group of younger adults. Over the course of my time at the college, everyone from the students, staff and teachers have all made me feel at home and that this experience here was well worth the time invested. I have received many compliments from the teachers stating that my willingness to open about things in my life have made it easier for the younger students to participate in class. The students themselves welcomed me with open arms and would ask questions about my life as I shared during class. The staff itself has bent over backwards getting me involved with scholarship programs, taking advantage of the learning center and helping me with financial paperwork and other needs for college. My overall time at North Country will be one that I will treasure for life, and I might be back for a second degree."