Credit Hour Policy

Credit Hours
In the determination and awarding of credit for academic courses, North Country Community 
College uses the traditional measurement of academic credit known as the Carnegie Unit. Our 
policy is based on the SUNY Credit/Contact Hour policy established on June 30, 1976. A link to 
the SUNY Policy is provided here: 

At North Country Community College, one (1) credit is awarded for successful completion of 
the following within a given semester:

• Fifteen (15) sessions in a typical lecture/discussion course each lasting 50 minutes (or 
two 75 minute sessions, or one 150 minute session), or
• Fifteen (15) sessions in a typical lab, studio or practicum course, lasting between 100-
150 minutes depending on the course objectives, or
• 40-45 hours of supervised academic activity such as an internship or field practicums, or
• 45-60 hours (3-4 hours/week) of clinical rotations.*

The application of these guidelines, with few exceptions*, applies equally to courses, regardless 
of the modality of instruction, the location, discipline, program and degree level. Where they 
differ, these guidelines are the minimum number of hours expected. Consistent with SUNY and 
NYSED policy, the College expects that students are tasked with a minimum of two hours of 
course-related activities (e.g. reading, studying, and preparation) for each hour they are in class. 

Thus, a typical awarding of credits for courses at North County Community College is illustrated 

Course Credits

Instructional Time

(hours per week)

Student Time-On-Task Expected

(outside class per week)

Lecture/Discussion 3 3 hours (150 minutes) 6 hours
Science Lab 4 3 hours lecture, 3 hours lab 6 hours
Internship 3 10-12 hours none
Clinicals* 1 3-4 none

* AAS Radiologic Technology clinical rotations are 80 hours of clinical = 1 credit hour.