Wilderness Winter Practicum

10-day Winter Expedition in the Adirondack Mountains

After completing the Fall Practicum course, students head back to campus and begin prepping for their two-part winter expedtion.

Part One:

Backpacking and Winter Skills 101

  • 5-day student-planned itinerary
  • Snowshoeing with full packs
  • Winter Travel & Itinerary/Meal Planning
  • Set up and break down camp
  • Winter shelter building

Part Two:

Technical Skill Section

  • 5-day hut-based expedition
  • Backcountry Skiing in the High Peaks
  • Peak Ascending
  • Avalanche Awareness Training
  • Snow School, Self-Arrest Techniques


Wilderness Winter Practicum Wilderness Winter PracticumWilderness Winter Practicum