Emergency Funding Options for Students

North Country Community College is committed to student success, and therefore has created a mechanism to assist currently enrolled students with one-time financial emergencies that might prevent them from completing their education. As part of our review process, students will be asked to produce documents that demonstrate an emergency and need for these funds. 


There are multiple sources of assistance available to students and the review committee will select the most applicable funding source based on a student's application. Eligibility will be confirmed after the student's application for emergency funding is submitted and may vary based upon funding source and donor intent. Current enrollment at the College is required for all funding sources.

Applications will auto-route to the NCCC Business Office, Financial Aid Office and Student Life Office for review.

Explanation of Available Student Emergency Funding Sources:

The purpose of the emergency loan, as a temporary solution, is to assist with your cost of education, e.g., books, transportation, child care, etc. Requests that do not meet these conditions may be denied. If approved, the student authorizes North Country Community College to deduct this advance against the approved financial aid funds. Students may borrow up to $500.00 early out of their expected refund with a $20 finance charge. 

If approved for a Ragusa Loan, the student must accept liability for repayment if for any reason the approved financial aid funds are insufficient to cover tuition, fees, books, and this emergency loan. (Note, for students who fail to repay the Ragusa Loan, a “HOLD” will be placed on all records at North Country Community College.  Loans not collected will be turned over to a collection agency and applicants will be liable for the cost of collection in addition to the unpaid balance and lose eligibility for all other emergency funding sources at the college.)


  • Be currently registered in six or more credits at NCCC
  • Have a 2.0 cumulative GPA
  • Have already submitted a complete application for financial aid
  • Be clear of any holds at NCCC

Funded by donations from faculty and staff, the Pomegranate Revolving Emergency Fund is designed to provide money to assist North Country Community College students in an emergency outside of attending courses, which, if not taken care of, could prevent them from returning and completing their education. This is a grant, not a loan; however, as recipients are able, they are encouraged to “pay it forward” by contributing to the fund in the future to assist other students in need.

The purpose of this fund is not to assist with any costs for tuition, fees or books.


  • Be currently registered part-time or full-time at NCCC
  • Be clear of any holds at NCCC

The purpose of this SGA funded grant is to assist students experiencing significant financial need related to food and housing insecurities while enrolled at NCCC. When available, approved funds may be dispersed in the following ways: grocery gift cards, gas gift cards, or needs based waivers or credits on student accounts, and other methods approved by the Student Government Association and in alignment with donor intent.


  • All students who have paid their student activities fees are eligible to apply
  • Be clear of any holds at NCCC

Approval: The Emergency Fund Review Committee will review all applications and has the discretion to approve funding requests based upon available facts, substantiated circumstances, and availability of funds. Allow at least 48-72 hours for processing. The Business Office will inform you via your college email address if and when the emergency fund check or gift card is ready for pick up. Please bring a state or college issued I.D. to pick up the check or gift card. (NOTE: DUE TO COVID -19, APPROVED EMERGENCY FUNDING MAY BE MAILED DIRECTLY TO STUDENTS.)

While eligible uses of funds may vary by donor intent, below are some examples of commonly approved uses of emergency funds for students. 

Examples of eligible expenses:

  • Utilities 
  • Housing/Rent 
  • Food/Meals/Personal Hygiene 
  • Medical/Dental expenses 
  • Personal automobile expenses
  • Child care 
  • Gas 
  • Technology Repair

Examples of ineligible expenses:

  • Legal fees
  • Tobacco
  • Alcohol
  • Entertainment expenses
  • Textbooks (unless Ragusa Fund)