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Name: Department:
Barrett, Jennifer  Faculty - Massage Therapy Program Director
 Bennett, Lori Faculty - Nursing 
 Boyea, Jason  Library
Brice, Angela  Student Life (Saranac Lake)
 Burke, Portia  Ticonderoga Campus
Callahan, Thomas Faculty - Business
 Chamberlain, Mary Ellen  Financial Aid Director
Chapman, Meredith Admissions 
 Collier, Barb  Business Office
Cunningham, Jimmy  Faculty - Wilderness Rec Program Director
 Davenport, Richard Faculty - Nursing
Dorr, Summer  Faculty - Humanities
Dowd-Maloney, Kathleen  Faculty - Human Services
Duffey, Kim  Faculty - Business
Dumont, Jerrad  Athletics
Egglefield, Kent  Athletics
Ellis, Paul Faculty - Business
Filler, Shir  Faculty - Humanities
Finch, Teresa  Financial Aid
 Goodrow, Kathy  Student Life
 Hare, Tana  Faculty - Interim Nursing Program Director
Harvey, Erik  Interim CFO
Heath, Lauren Faculty - Nursing
 Heath, Rick  Facilities
 Hudak, Luke  P-Tech / Bridge Program
 Hurwitch, Stacie  President's Office
Irland, Kim
Dean of Student Affairs / Diversity Officer
Jock, Jerry  Library
Johnston, Kyle
Vice President of Marketing & Enrollment
Keegan, Joe   NCCC President
Kelly, Bruce  Student Life (Malone)
 Kilby, Sarah  Faculty - Math
King, Julie Enrollment / Financial Aid
 Knight, Chris  Communications Director
 LaDue, Becky  Faculty - Rad Tech Program Director
LaDue, Chad  Athletics Director
 LaMour, Tina  Faculty - Art
LaPlante, Sean  Faculty - Math
 LeMay-Klippel, Selina  Academic Affairs
 Maroun, Sarah  VP Academic Affairs
 Martin, Jessica Registrar's Office 
Martin, Rich  Faculty - Science
Mascia-Susice, Stacey   Faculty - Humanities
 McGrath, Thomas  Learning Assistance Center
 Merrick, David Faculty - Criminal Justice 
Moody, Ericka   Human Resources Associate
 Muncil, Laurie  Academic Affairs
 O'Connor, Brian Library Director 
O'Shields, Kelly Faculty - Business
Paulson, Don  Web Content Assistant
Pelkey, Brian Comptroller
Pickard, Rachel Business Office 
Poirier, Renee  Faculty - Human Services
 Quinn, McCayla  Bursar
Rathbun, Jr., Robert Association Executive Director / Food Service Manager
 Rodriguez, Kelli  Faculty - Social Science
Rowe, Bruce Faculty - Humanities 
 Saulpaugh, Mike  Faculty - Criminal Justice
Sheridan, Cammy Faculty - Social Science 
 Shoemaker, Sarah  Faculty - Science
Small, Judy  Faculty - Science
 Smith, Tara  Human Resources Director
Snyder, Dan  Second Chance Pell
 St. Louis, Shelly  Registrar
 Stewart, Michelle  Admissions
Streiff, Erin Faculty - Nursing
 Stringer, Scott Faculty - Rad Tech 
Strough, Jamie Faculty - Science
 Susice, Lee  Faculty - Math
Symonds, Lisa  Association
Taylor, Brandi Faculty - Humanities
 Taylor-Wilde, Elaine Faculty - Art 
Tuthill, Amy  Admissions/Recruitment for Adult Learners
Walkow, Erin Foundation and Development Director
Warner, Allison  Faculty - Math
Wells, Kate Learning Assistance Center (Malone) 
Whitelaw, Donna   Faculty - Science
Wilbur, Stefanie Faculty - Nursing
Willett, Maggie  Registrar's Office
Williams, Lisa Learning Assistance Center (Saranac Lake)
Zurschmit, Rachel Admissions